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“I’am Syriangirl”


I’am Syriangirl (Mimi al-Laham)

“100% Syrian to the core, many generations back. I’m of a sunni muslim background. Family was part of the ruling class before they were deposed from power by the ba’athist coup of the current government. My opinion on the Syrian government, i have no illusions in any government anywhere in the world. My opinion on Bashar Assad, an educated nice face for the real powers, do figure heads ever have all the power? No. My opinion on parlimentary democracy? Hah, it’s a sham! A failed and inferior system, especially when you are voting for people not for ideas, especially if it’s a two party system with two equivalent parties. But if that’s what people want that is what they should have. It will change little, but better for it to happen through a sovereign Syria, rather than the destruction of Syria and the Syria-Iran alliance by the dogs of war Israel, NATO and Co.”

[12-09-2013] Abby Martin speaks to Mimi al-Laham ‘Syrian Girl Partisan’ about Obama’s recent speech on Syria, Putin’s Op-ed in the New York Times, and the dangers of arming rebels linked to al Qaeda.

[09-09-2013] “This is what this war is about! This is what our soldiers bled for. Only so we can give up our strategic defence? Why should Syria not demand that Israel give up its chemical weapons? From Our Cold Dead Hands!”

[05-09-2013] “This is a run down on the chronology and all the evidence leading up to and after the chemical weapons attack in Damascus.”

[29-08-2013] “Syria is being attacked with chemical weapons. And Flimsy lies are being shown as evidence.”

[24-08-2013] “I appeared on Alex Jones explaining exactly whose agenda the Chemical weapons attack serves and the circumstances leading up to it that suggest the usual culprits.”

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