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Syrië- verklaring Obama


De Amerikaanse president Barack Obama heeft zaterdag 31 augustus 2013 om 19.50 uur (Nederlandse tijd) in White House Rose Garden een verklaring afgelegd over Syrië.

President Barack Obama says he has decided the US should take military “limited” action against Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack. However, he will first seek authorization from Congress. “Over the last several days, we have heard from members of Congress who want their voices to be heard. I absolutely agree. While I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific Congressional authorisation, I know that the country will be stronger if we take this course and our actions will be even more effective.” Congress plans to hold a debate and a vote as soon as it returns on September 9 and will immediately begin debating the Syrian operation.  Obama called on the Congressional leadership to make the decision based on US national security interests.

The US leader said the operation would be limited in duration, would seek to deter future chemical attacks and is not “time-sensitive”. It could happen “tomorrow, next week or next month.” “We are prepared to strike whenever we choose,” said the President. The President stated that he would not rely on unanimous consensus of the UN Security Council, which was necessary for a United Nations-backed operation, saying the body had been “paralyzed”. Russia and China have repeatedly voted against the West on Syria, and Vladimir Putin has said that claims Bashar Assad’s government was behind the gas attack were “a provocation”.

Obama, accompanied by Joe Biden, said: ‘I am confident we can hold the regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons.’

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De VN-inspecteurs die in Syrië (vier dagen) onderzoek hebben gedaan naar het gebruik van chemische wapens op 21 augustus 2013 in en rond Damascus (Syrië) zijn zaterdag vertrokken in een door de Duitse regering gecharterd toestel van Canadair en geland op de luchthaven Rotterdam The Hague Airport.  Het VN- team van negen OPCW- inspecteurs en drie leden van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie WHO is zaterdagavond aangekomen bij het kantoor van de Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in Den Haag.

De OPCW wil nog niks zeggen over wat er met het onderzoeksmateriaal gaat gebeuren dat de inspecteurs hebben meegenomen uit Syrië. Waarschijnlijk worden vanuit Nederland de door de inspecteurs verzamelde monsters voor onderzoek over verschillende laboratoria in Europa verdeeld. Ook TNO in Rijswijk gaat daarbij een rol spelen. De analyse van de monsters gaat twee tot drie weken duren.

Demonstraties in Washington, Sydney en Londen tegen militair ingrijpen in Syrië

Demonstraties in Washington, Sydney en Londen tegen militair ingrijpen in Syrië

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