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Chaos in Egypte


Egypte 14-08-2013

EURONEWS: no comment

After days of many people expecting it, finally the security forces moved in this morning at dawn to clear away former president Mohammed Mursi’s supporters from their protest sites. Quickly it turned bloody.

The government, backed by the army, accuses the demonstrators of being terrorists. The assault comes after a month and a half of confrontation between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood.

On 3 July in Tahrir Square, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians celebrate the announcement that the military is removing the Islamist president. He’s been in power for only a year. His opponents say he has only tried to strengthen his own political position, and has ignored the economy in crisis.

General Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, army chief and Minister of Defence – appointed by Mursi himself – becomes the country’s new strongman. An interim government promises to hold elections early next year, insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood can participate in the transition.

But the Brotherhood refuses any dialogue with the authorities it considers illegitimate. Tension with Mursi supporters climbs steadily. On 8 July, the army attacks a pro-Mursi rally in Cairo, causing 57 deaths and wounding 480 people. The military says this is a counterattack against what it describes as terrorists moving in on the Republican Guards headquarters.

In the weeks after Mursi was removed, more than 300 people were killed in violence around the country – not all of them members of the Muslim brotherhood.

Mursi supporters had prepared for a bloody confrontation. Our Cairo correspondent, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, has been around Rabaa al-Adawiya Square for several days. He watched the security forces actions from within the site itself.

No comment is brought to you by Euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe. Let the pictures do the talking.

With a mounting death toll in Egypt, Abby Martin talks to Brian Becker, national coordinator with the ANSWER Coalition about the roots of the violence, and how US tax dollars continue to fund the Egyptian military despite hollow condemnations from the White House (15-08-2013)

Video geüpload door de Egyptische journalist El-Watan op zijn YouTube kanaal. De video toont verschillende verbranden lichamen van pro-Morsy aanhangers in de straten van Caïro Egypte op 14 augustus 2013.

Eric Draitser, founder of, about the Arab countries reaction to the crisis in Egypt. He explains the growing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar as it relates to Egypt and the region more generally. Additionally, he examines the nature of the Egyptian ruling establishment and the role of the United States in this developing crisis (16-08-2013).


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